Verabella Skin Therapy is pleased to introduce you to its new Peel Bar!
No, we did not convert Verabella into a cocktail bar, but our new Skin-a-Peels are as tasty as cocktails, without the calories and are extremely effective in brightening, exfoliating & refreshing your skin. Our new Skin-a-Peel treatments are only $95 and include: steaming, deep cleansing, your choice of Skin-a-Peel, ultrasonic exfoliation, relaxing face, neck & shoulder massage, a customized masque and a soothing application of Verabella's new antioxidant moisture screen.  Perfect for those on a tight schedule, with only 50 minutes to spare, you can get your glow on the go, without any post peel irritation or downtime.  
Add an Instant Lift for only $95 dollars more to any Skin-a-Peel Cocktail and you are ready for a romantic night out or event....


Pumpkin Divine:

This medium strength Peel cocktail contains pumpkin enzymes that act like glycolic acids to revitalize the surface of the skin and drive antioxidants and Vitamins A, C & E deep into the skin. The result leaves your skin smooth and refreshed.

Haute Chocolate:
This sinfully delicious smelling Peel will please your senses, soften skin, lift dead skin cells, and fight free radicals, all without any burning sensation. Cocoa is a rich source of flavonoids, antioxidants and polyphenols that help slow the aging process. This indulgent peel will leave your complexion nourished and hydrated.
Yogurt Délice:
In Russia, yogurt is traditionally used to lighten the skin. Yogurt's natually occuring lactic acid and digestive milk enzymes greatly reduce pigmentation, minimize fine lines and will instantaneously brighten your skin, creating a more even-toned flawless face.
Kir Royal:
This light, yet sophisticated Champagne cocktail will treat your skin in the best way! This peel is rich in polyphenols, champagne enzymes and grapeseed extracts guaranteed to leave your complexion crystal clear and radiant.
This potent peel cocktail combines Salicylic Acid and Retinol with Vitamin C-rich Lemons, Resveratrol and Vermouth to help regulate oily skin, decongest pores and sloughs away tired dead skin. Your face will look refeshed, alive and glowing!
Pinã Colada:
Dreaming of sun-drenched tropical escape? This Pina Colada of peels is a smooth blend of skin-brightening mango, pineapple and papaya enzymes aimed at retexturizing and smoothing the skin, without much tingle or any redness. Your skin will look and feel healthy, clear and rejuvenated.
Bloody Mary:
This Hot Peel cocktail contains sweet hot chili peppers that stimulate and detoxify your complexion, and bring blood circulation to the surface of the skin. Your checks will be rosy, your wrinkles plump-up, and your facial contours lifted. You will leave feeling hot, Hot, HOT!