"Most amazing products I have ever used.  No joke...I am a new found Verabella fan. I received the spf lotion as a gift, and I was immediately hooked.  I then purchased the spf for my mom because I love it so much, and I almost didn't give it to her because I am almost out myself. Also, I am not of fan of products that have added scents or perfumes, but these products have the most amazing natural scents. I am hooked on the smell alone. I would highly recommend Verabella for a nice day at the spa, or if you want to give someone the perfect gift."  - Rorrie G.


"Today I had another awesome facial at Verabella's.  I was there about two months ago after not having a facial for two years.  There were large zits and large dark areas on both of my cheeks.  Vera sent me home with Kiss Zit Goodbye and samples of her Clarifying Camphor Masque.  I was diligent in washing my face morning and night and delighted and surprised by how the zits are gone and the dark areas have lightened and are smaller.   Facials are a financial luxury for me now that I am retired but from now on I'm going to honor myself by getting regular facials because I deserve the way my clean skin looks and makes me feel.  I am now 70-years-old and people are often surprised of my age because my skin looks so good."   - Regina J.


"The best facial spa in Beverly hills and Vera is one of the best facialist with lots of knowledge about skin and all skincare regiment ! My favorite is the grapefruit deep pore cleanser & citrus sorbet oil free moisturizer.  I also use all the pure mineral make up from La bella donna which they carry the full line.  The minute you've walk in the door you can smell all the aromatherapy from all the natural products in the spa! I love this place!"   - Katia P.


"We just spent a beautiful weekend in Palm Springs at an amazing resort. The spa was very nice and the treatments were excellent, but there always seems to be something missing from a facial at any other spa when compared to a Verabella experience.  Yes, it was quite excellent as well, but when you come out of Verabella, you're G-L-O-W-I-N-G! The way Medea removes years from your face and induces an almost catatonic state of neurological bliss is nothing short of outstanding. Maybe it's the products? Maybe the talented hands at work? Maybe it's their training and special skills they have specialized? Don't know. Don't care.
I travel all over and have spa treatments virtually all over the world and Verabella is without a doubt one of the best spa experiences you can do for yourself I have found anywhere! And the great thing is that the prices are less than a lot of other places. 
My wife and I love going to Verabella in Beverly Hills!"  - Michael H.


I have been going to Vera for almost 10 years now. In the beginning, I went once per month. Throughout the years, I have come to love and cherish the experience so much, I get facials every two weeks now! Every time I leave Vera, my skin is glowing. When I come home after a facial my husband always comments on how radiant my skin looks. You don't leave with "facial face", i.e. red marked and spotted! You just leave looking like a relaxed, better you! And, boy do I relax. After the best cleaning done by Vera, (clogged pores don't stand a chance against her), and after the warm mask and hand massage,  I always fall fast asleep. It truly is the best facial I have ever had and I could not recommend the spa more highly.  I have sent several people to the spa, and all of them loved their facials too!  - T.K.


"I just an amazing product from Verabella and I just had to Yelp about it.  Nothing I have ever used has come close to the Tea Tree aloe!  Leaves my skin shiny but not oily, the best after shave and moistening product ever.  I highly highly recommend!"   - Abigail A.


"I adore Verabella.  Every time I go there, I come out with a new lease on life and a face glowing with youth and beauty, nary a red spot in sight  The spa is small and cozy and very peaceful."   - Kate M.


"I absolutely LOVE Verabella's SPF lotion.  It has a soft, light texture, high SPF (45), and smells good (very mild).  Doesn't burn or irritate my extremely sensitive skin, and easily wears under makeup.  Can't get enough of it. "  - Suzanne C.